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Ipod & Nano's Mum

Natasha is responsible for ensuring the fun doesn't stop at SPOT! From our pawesome parties to our exclusive mySPOT! programs she does it all! 


Bentley Undergrad

Casper & Ivey's Mom

Bryony is the General Manager at SPOT! responsible for building meaningful and long lasting relationships with our family, both 4 and 2 legged alike! 

Background in Customer Experience at Emirates 

Ipod & Nano's Dad

Rajive is responsible for ensuring we are keeping our promises made to clients, guests, partners investors and friends.

The buck stops here.  

Partner at Ruya Capital Partners, Founder of 971-HYPE (Coming Soon)

Background in Strategy and Private Equity at PwC, EY and AT&T.

Cornell MBA & Bentley Undergrad

Board Member
Luna, Xena and Bear's Dad

James is responsible for helping SPOT! continuously engage with our customers and friends, responding and addressing feedback as quickly and efficiently as possible 

Owner of Toil & Tinker and self proclaimed dog dad of the year, 5 years running! 

Board Member

Gayle is an attorney responsible for ensuring SPOT! is meeting all its legal and regulatory obligations on a day to day basis. 

Background in law across NYC and The UAE

Law Degree from Stanford University


Rajive (Ipod & Nano's Dad) 


Rajive was born and raised in Dubai but moved to the US to pursuit an education and work experience in New York City. An MBA from the prestigious Cornell University helped Rajive unlock a career in management consulting and private equity. As a daddy to two furry ones (both Bichons), Rajive is extremely passionate about pet care and has been an advisor, investor and customer of the pet services industry for a little under a decade.


Now back in his hometown of Dubai, Rajive looks to replicate the highest quality of pet care standards from New York City, here in Dubai! At SPOT!, Rajive is responsible for ensuring we are keeping to promises we’ve made to our clients, guests, partners, investors and friends! The buck stops here.

Co-Founder & CEO, SPOT!
Co-Founder & CEO, SPOT!
CEO, The Animal Agency and Reading Dogs
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