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You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

How do I make a reservation? 

You can make a reservation by calling us or registering via the mySPOT link. Once registered, you can make / change or cancel bookings all on your own! While we do LOVE drop-ins, we highly encourage you to make a reservation to avoid any disappointment! At mySPOT, is also where you'll receive daily photos, videos and your dogs report card from his day with us!  

We require you bring your own food for the length of your stay.  Any new place like daycare or boarding could initially be a stressful environment, the last thing we want to do is compound that stress by changing up your dogs food.  For the day or stay, we provide the comforts of home, including luxury bedding, bowls and toys exclusively by Howl & Growl! If your doggie does have a blankie he / she cannot live without, by all means bring it along! 

What does my dog need for daycare or boarding? 

Yes, we can. We can administer any non-injectable medication. Just make sure medication is clearly labeled, dosage instructions are included, along with your vets details.

How about things like medicine or special treats? 

Are you kidding? YES! We love visitors! You are about to drop your bundle of joy with us, its super important you are comfortable with where they are going to play, eat, sleep and have a ton of fun!  You can visit us any time from 10am to 2pm, six days a week. Please call us ahead of time so we can ensure we have you covered! 

Can we take a tour? 

Does a day involve more playtime or kennel time? 

This has to be a "Dubai Daycare" phenomenon because for the better part of the last decade in NYC we give doggies kennel time only when they need it - during meal time, maybe an afternoon nap, and overnight.  For the rest of the time they are with us, they are out playing with their mates!  Isn't this how it should be?  Don't get us wrong, proper rest is important, but you shouldn't be paying us to watch your dog in a kennel all day long.  Thats not good for them, nor is it good for us or your wallet! 

YES! SPOT! staff are on site 24/7. Our facility also features security cameras and alarms and smoke detection systems that alert police and fire departments in the event of an emergency! 


Are  your locations secure? 

What documents do you require?

We require an up to date veterinarian certificate (stamped/signed vaccine booklet) indicating proof of vaccination for Rabies, DHPP/DHLPP, and Bordetella (kennel cough). We recommend the Bordetella vaccination be administered every 6 months. If the Bordetella vaccine has never been given, or if it has expired, there is required 3 day waiting period after the administration before your dog can allowed access. 

For all other vaccinations, a 24 hour waiting period is required after the first administration of a vaccination or if it has expired. Have your vet email us a copy at beforehand so we can update all our records before you arrive. 

All our furry friends must be treated with an effective form of tick control. We use Frontline and can apply this for you on your dog for a small extra charge though we encourage you to do it yourself at home!  

All furry guests must be 4 months or older and we accept un-neutered males on a case by case basis. 

What is the assessment test? Should we study for it :P? 

Ok that last one wasn't really a question :P 


Guests who attend daycare or boarding will require a brief temperament evaluation — think of it as a simple “Hello, Nice to meet you!.” This ensures the safety of all our guests. Temperament evaluations must be scheduled in advance, just give us a call to let us know you're coming in. We want to make sure we have adequate time to get to know your doggie. 

In line with our philosophy to provide the highest value, we do not charge for this service!

What to expect when your pooch returns home? 

Most dogs when they return from a long day at daycare or boarding might be tired and want to sleep a lot. They may also drink a TON of water. This phenomenan is usually because dogs are so excited with their time in play they forget to hydrate appropriately, and get adequate rest!  If your dog comes home, drinks a jug of water and passes out, or is ready to be cuddled, this is normal.  Feel free to ring us if you have any concerns at all! 

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