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Our Daily Schedule

6:45a - All dogs from boarding are let out in groups of six into our lush outdoor areas for relief walks 

7:00a - Doors open and we proceed with check-ins. Depending on the schedule and guest list for the day, our locations can be configured into seven separately monitored play areas designed for optimal FUN! 

11:00a - Time to go out! Organized in Groups of six, all our guests get to spend some time outdoors before lunch! 

12:00p - Lunch Time! Our guests are placed into their amazing cabins for some much needed nutrition and rest! 

Our Schedule 24/7, 365

All day play is not a good thing. Like humans, dogs too need their downtime to rest, relax and recharge. It allows them to regroup and helps them maintain a healthy and happy disposition! 

At SPOT!, we have designed a schedule that provides each of our guests with the right levels of up and down time to ensure they go home happy and healthy! Our schedule reflects our general approach however each dog is different and so will have slight nuances or variances to our broader general schedule! 

2:30p - Its back to playtime! Guests are let out to play until dinner time in a few hours! 

5:00p - Dinner Time! Guests are place into their individual cabins for a little bit of downtime and some food! YUM! 

7:00p - Home Time! Guests pack up and go home after a fun day of play! Boarding guests are allowed to play a little bit longer before they are taken outdoors one last time and then put to bed! 

3:00p - Optional nap time for some of our older guests who could use a few extra Zzzzzs! 

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