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SPOT!v: Episode 3: A pawrents tireless journey to finding better doggie nutrition!

Today was an awesome day!

We spoke about a topic that we are very passionate about, with a person that is just as curious and ambitious about pet wellness as we are. We spoke about pet nutrition all day, and Rajive was definitely a very patient listener.

This was actually the first time we sat in front of a camera, speaking about pet nutrition, as well as opening up about all of the mistakes we made when we first got into raw feeding.

While it was very exciting, it was actually more like riding a roller coaster, because neither of us is used to being in front of the camera, and it takes a lot of guts to speak about a topic that is so diverse and controversial at the same time.

The first and most important thing to be learned about raw feeding is very simple.


Whether it means going full raw on a premade diet, adding some fresh veggies and raw pieces of meat on top of your dog’s commercial diet, or even implementing a couple of raw feeding days a week; you can do any of these things to implement species appropriate aspects into your pet’s food. Fresh whole foods are extremely beneficial to your little furballs.

You just gotta start.

By adding fresh foods to your pet’s diet, you will be able to reduce the overall carbohydrate content of the diet, which will be rewarded with many health benefits.

The high amount of carbohydrates in commercial dog foods are the reason for many of our pets health issues. Carbs turn into sugar within the body and sugar fuels cancer, bad dental hygiene, obesity, and so much more.

We understand the switch from kibble to raw is not an easy one, (trust us - we have been there) especially looking at the financial part of it.

But here is a big piece of advice; please do not get rid of the whole idea of raw feeding, just because you may not be able to find the right pre made company within your area, or you may not be able to afford a fully pre made raw diet at the moment.

There are so many ways you can make raw feeding more affordable for your pets, and it really doesn’t have to be all or nothing either!

You can make your own raw food! We just showed you how easy it is! There are many great facebook groups with loads of great information on raw feeding, and everybody is always willing to help with good advice. Be aware, making your own raw food comes with great responsibility, because you are now fully responsible for your pets nutritional intake. BUT if you are completely new to raw, have a look at where you can buy complete and balanced DIY recipes for as low as $3.00 and you can start slicin’ and dicin’ it up in your own kitchen!

Let’s be honest, nothing is stopping you from making a couple of KG’s of raw food and implementing 1 or 2 raw food days a week. Try it out, your pet will love you even more for it.

Especially for those of you that may feel intimidated by all the nutrition talk of experienced raw feeders, we want to remind you that everyone starts at zero at some point. We did not become raw feeding specialists over night, we made mistakes when we first started and most importantly, we acknowledged and fixed them.

Remember, adding at least some raw is better than no raw at all. Take it one step at a time, at your own paste, doing exactly what you feel comfortable with, but also keep in mind that a fully raw diet is the best possible solution for your pet’s health.

If for whatever reason you feel like you cannot provide a fully raw pre made or DIY diet at this point, you can still make a big difference by adding as much raw food to your pets bowl as your bank account allows or as much as you feel comfortable to feed.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, you will notice over time how much it will benefit your pet and you will be able to further implement raw days, and even go full raw once you feel comfortable enough.

Caution:we don’t advise to feed whole raw meaty bones to pets that are on a mainly kibble diet. If you would like to implement raw days into your pet’s dry food diet, please opt for a good quality pre made where the meat and bone content will be grinded making it easier for your pet’s digestion, or use DIY recipes that include bone dust or egg shells instead of raw meaty bones.

When Milka first came into our lives, we were the typical first time pet parents that knew nothing about pet foods, our journey to Raw feeding was long and slow. Since then a lot of time went into our education about pet nutrition so that today we can confidently feed Milka her species appropriate diet, and most importantly, educate other pet parents about species appropriate feeding. We will never know it all, and we made a lot of mistakes when we first started raw feeding, we learn new things every single day, because there is so much about nutrition that has not even been discovered by researchers yet.

Overall, it has been the greatest journey of our lives, to watch Milka thrive on her species appropriate food and we wish to share this feeling with all our fellow pet parents!

If you take away anything from our video today, please let it be that you can easily start making nutritional changes to feed your pet better and healthier, TODAY.

We will continue to spread the Rawvolution and continue to educate as much as we can, to work towards a better and healthier future of our pets on this planet.

If you became curious about what else you can do to improve your pet’s health, have a look at all of the amazing raw feeding groups on facebook (RawUAE is one of them), check out Rodney Habib and Dogs Naturally Magazine.

If you have ANY questions about nutrition or pet wellness (literally anything), you can always shoot us a message at @milka_thefrenchie, we will help you with any concerns or questions you may have.

Join the Rawvolution, back to our pet’s natural diet!

Written by

Phyllice C. Pruden

Mom of @milka_thefrenchie


Recipe by Karen Becker

Planet Paws



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